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Battle Of The Future Buddhas Everything

“Everything” is the fifth album from the underground legends from 20 years in the scene - Battle of the Future Buddhas. “Everything” has been made during 2013 to 2015, with the tracks being tested and played all over the world and finalized in a true psychedelic goa spirit style. The first tracks are dark night music tracks and the last tracks are morning music, so there is a journey from darkness to light. Actually the first track is a tribute to Psyko Disko and the last is a tribute to TIP. Prepare yourselves for a true psychedelic experience where the goa vibe really is alive!

V/A Chronicle Of Schlabbaduerst

Track List

1 It's Only Disko
2 I Don't Know
3 Lacking it All - Into the Valley of the Shadow of Death remix
4 Time
5 True Hope
6 The cupboard
7 Consciousness
8 Faith
9 The Infinite Process