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- The Soul Of Shroomadia -

This is a fabulous story about an invisible land, the land of the kingdom of trolls, fairies, goblins…a land called Shroomadia. It is a deep cave land, a wonder of nature. . Here the invisible becomes visible, the simple turns into wondrous, the silent turns into an incredible melody in a scream of mystery... Only the firm believers can get to this land, as for the others….it remains an eternal mystery.

The Soul Of Shroomadia

Track Samples
01. Lost
02. Catch it
03. Fear
04. Shroomadia
05. Echoes from Secret ritual
06. 6 days
07. Chronicles OF Schlabbaduerst
08. Nirmana
09. Mezantro

6 Pages Digipack 11 € / CD
Shipment Including