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V/A The Oldest Story

Chronicle of Mystery Records are proud to present the second compilation inspired by the freaks of the forest psychedelic history. The spirit slowly, slowly started to be felt in the forgotten forest again. He woke up as if he was alive The awaken trees began to whisper. The whisper became more and more powerful that it began to awake all the nature around it. The trees strong and dominant began to tell the oldest story. They became so strong that they created a wind that had a scent of the past and a sound, a melody that came from within the depth of the forest, the sound that wasn't heard for a long time, but was never forgotten. Give in to the sound of the forest and feel the oldest story again.

The Oldest Story

Track Samples
01. Kiriyama- Evening Star
02. Nirmakayas- Crystal Eye
03. Ka-Sol- Less Sand
04. Schoiroideairis- Schizofreniadikt
05. Battle of the future buddhas Dante
06. Rimmlull- Pink Frilly
07. Makadam- Gyroscope
08. Trashlords- Ashvem
09. Bloomen- Tales from the bugle