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V/A Gates Of Unknown

Chronicle of Mystery Records proudly present their third compilation - “Gates Of Unknown”, which represents yet another secret of the mysterious sound of the oldest forest. Going down the road in the oldest forest, which was very hard to find, covered with thick branches with thorns, a small light had broken through from somewhere up there, above us, within the dense entwined branches ... we found ourselves at the end of the road. Before us, there stood two large gates. It was very confusing; the first was leading one way and the second another. They were so old, but were strongly built, standing upright as if they were proud of what lies behind them. And what was it? Something mysterious was hidden there. A strange feeling, as if an unknown voice was telling us to open the gates. We walked towards our goal ... and the mystery was revealed.

Gates of Unknown

Track Samples
01. Nirmanakayas- Instant Message
02. AHS-Strait Bananas
03. Zoon- Woomb
04. Ka-sol- Bussvakt
05. Schoiroideairis- Trupapa tru
06. Battle Of The Future Buddhas- Another Night
07. Hada-Last Theory
08. Extomorph-Flower Laurel Tree
09. Gojja-Droplets & Smoke Rings

6 Pages Digipack 13 € / CD
Shipment Including